Speedball lino carving some new stamps

Speedball carving tools for mixed media projects…

Today it was rainy and quite dreary looking outside here in Central Florida, not to mention a few powerful thunderstorms rolled on through. I decided to stay inside for the day and play in the art studio. I had a small piece of Speedball pink carving rubber that I found in “the” closet, and I thought carving would be a great way to relax and listen to the rain while keeping myself busy.

There are a lot of wonderful YouTube videos on how to use lino cutting tools, so I won’t give a detailed account of technique. Just remember to keep your fingers out of the way. And when you want to make curved lines, turn the rubber underneath the cutting tool… things go a lot smoother that way. 😉

For this coffee stamp I must admit that I did not sketch on paper and then transfer onto the rubber, but you should. I figured it would be easy enough use a smooth ballpoint pen and just draw on the rubber directly. Luckily for me, my brain flipped the letters around correctly, and when I printed the stamp the word “coffee” was readable. This is no small miracle. But some days, art studio magic happens.

I also just used the direct “draw on the rubber” technique (do not judge my impatience!) LOL for the rest of these stamps. I was on a roll, finishing quite a few designs today. But I am almost out of tins–my tin stash is slowly being depleted. Sigh. I guess I will have to go tin shopping again soon! For those who know me, there aren’t enough tins in the universe. Tin obsession!!!!

Happy carving friends. Please keep all your fingers!


  1. I read somewhere that placing the carving material on a piece of glass while carving makes turning the piece lots easier…so I finally tried it and it’s true! I just used the glass from a 4×6 picture frame. Bigger carvings would use a 5×7, etc. The pieces turned so easily!


  2. Thank you for the great blog and Instagram. You have inspired me to buy a travel planner and work on creating stamps (received the carving tools last Christmas!). Just a question for you…how many different planners/art books do you regularly use, keep on hand (yes, at the risk of sounding like a groupie)? Thank you again!


    1. Well to be honest, far too many notebooks. I can’t even imagine listing them all here. Lol. I use many Midori covers and inserts. I currently have 2 moleskine daily planners in progress (cheap paper) several Stillman &. Birn sketchbooks, Strathmore journals, Canson sketchbooks, and a variety of Hobonichi notebooks from Japan. I also just started a Stalogy journal book. They are all used interchangeably. No linear date rules besides the obvious daily planners which have dates stamped already. Sigh. There is no end to my love of paper. But I enjoy them all. None of them wasted. All of them will eventually be filled up. So, dig in and have fun on your art journey! There is so much to paint, draw, and document. Life is beautiful and full of good material. 😀


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