A clean desk

When my brain gets full and things feel crowded inside, the best therapy is to clean off the “stuff” that distracts and make a clear space. So much better to be organized and have that extra zone of nothingness–good for deep breathing and thinking. Clarity and rest for the eyes. My brain is happy now. 😬 Ready for an art and planner day! 

Stillman & Birn and Yarka Product Review

If you haven’t seen my Periscope broadcast reviewing these products, please come visit and watch the replay. I try to do a few live scopes every week. I’m Kathleen_studio318 on Periscope. See you there! 🙂


Calligraphy mornings

There are tutorials on the Internet that show you how to place a dip pen nib on an inexpensive Chinese fountain pen body. I finally got one to work. Not easy, but it was a challenge I wanted to conquer. 😀

Some of my mornings are spent writing–developing calligraphy skills with dip pens or semi-flex fountain pens. I usually use Midori Traveler’s notebook paper or practice in my Hibonichi. Watercolors add some visuals. It’s a good way to begin the day.