Creative Teamwork at Starbucks

There is nothing more inspiring than working with my daughter on creative projects in our neighborhood Starbucks (we do have the BEST Starbucks ever, and we so love our baristas!). My talented daughter graduates this weekend as a Leadership Scholar with honors, earning an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the Crummer Graduate School of Business–Rollins College. I am so excited to see how her career path will unfold. She has accepted a position at Purple Rock Scissors as a Digital Strategist in downtown Orlando.

With an undergrad degree from Yale in Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology and the fabulous musical skills of a classical violinist who currently subs for the Orlando Philharmonic, she is an intelligent, multi-talented individual. I’m over the moon proud of her, and I am looking forward to combining her incredible writing skills with my artistic projects to create a new literary and art zine together. I will be sharing more about that exciting project in future blog posts.

Her original music can be enjoyed at her Anchorage website. Yes, she writes and sings original songs too–I am so blessed by her many gifts. My time here on earth will never be long enough to soak up all her beautifulness.


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