Daily Mixed Media

My intention for 2014 was to do more daily art–something creative to keep the studio tools engaged and my art brain in experimental, play mode. So far, so good. I’ve mostly been adding some new mixed media pieces in my Canson XL art journal; these are small entries measuring around 5×7 inches, and the results have been very satisfying. It’s relaxing, and there is no pressure to create a masterpiece during these exercises. It’s just simple art fun, and that’s the best kind of creativity.

Usually I start with some graphite marks and some found papers. From there, I use oil pastels (water soluble), acrylics, graphite, watercolor pencils, and anything else lying around that will work in building color and form! The fun part is using all these art toys and seeing what happens in the end.

    offthegridr off the grid 2


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